3Doodler PRO+ 3D Printing Pen Set



專業級 3D 打印筆:首選 3D 打印解決方案,可幫助您以 3D 形式展示您的設計、概念和原型。輕鬆地以 3D 方式創建:專為建築師、藝術家、設計師和工程師而設計,可快速且經濟高效地以 3D 方式進行測試、交流和說明。精確創作的絕對控制:堅固的雙驅動系統,運行時間比任何其他 3D 筆更長、更堅硬。PRO+ 將時尚、符合人體工程學的造型與先進技術相結合,提供卓越的性能,提升設計並將創意變為現實。在短時間內探索 3D 設計和原型,並使用從銅和木材到青銅和尼龍的一系列材料分享想法 - 可能性是無限的。PRO+ 握在手中舒適,並具有磁性維護面板,可輕鬆檢修筆的內部。數字可調的速度和溫度設置提供了無與倫比的設計控制。使用 6 包補充裝(包括木材、金屬和尼龍)創建專業級塗鴉,相當於 125 英尺的塑料和超過 1,500 英尺的擠壓件。受到您的購物趨勢的啟發 Professional-Grade 3D Printing Pen: The go-to 3D printing solution to help you illustrate your designs, concepts, and prototypes in 3D form. Effortlessly Create in 3D: Engineered for architects, artists, designers and engineers to test, communicate, illustrate in 3D, quickly & cost effectively. Absolute Control for Accurate Creations: Robust dual-drive system built to run longer and harder than any other 3D pen. The PRO+ combines sleek, ergonomic styling with advanced technology for superior performance to elevate design and bring ideas to life. Explore 3D design and prototypes in a fraction of the time and share ideas using a range of materials from copper and wood to bronze and nylon — the possibilities are endless. The PRO+ rests comfortably in the hand and features a magnetic maintenance panel that enables easy access the pen’s interior. The digitally adjustable speed and temperature settings offer unparalleled design control. Create professional-grade Doodles with 6 packs of refills, including Wood, Metal, and Nylon, equivalent to 125 feet of plastic and over 1,500 feet of extrusion. Inspired by your shopping trends

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