4:tronix Bit Bot Car for micro:bit (須另購micro:bit) (行貨1年保養)



This (almost) ready-assembled robot requires no soldering, no wires and nothing more than a screwdriver to complete it. The Bit:Bot fully engages children and adults alike, allowing you to explore and code the micro:bit using any of the languages available (not all features are supported in all languages). Check out these features: 2 micro-metal gear motors. Both fully controllable in software, for both speed (0 to 100%) and direction (forward or reverse) Wheels with rubber tyres for maximum grip 12 mini neopixels in 2 sets of 6 along the arms either side. Select any colour for any pixel, produce stunning lighting effects as your Bit:Bot moves around 2 digital line-following sensors. Code your own line-following robots and race them to see whose code produces the fastest lap time! 2 analog light sensors (front left and front right) so your Bit:Bot can be programmed to follow a light source such as a torch, or you could code it to go and hide in the darkest place it can find Buzzer, so you can make beeping sounds whenever you want Powered from integrated 3xAA battery holder with on/off switch and blue indicator LED Easily plug your micro:bit in and out using the edge connector Expansion connections at the front for additional sensors (ultrasonic rangefinder available now, more in development) micro:bit is not included

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