Elenco EL10T STEM 幼兒 入門編程機械人 (行貨1年保養)



EL10T 編碼塊向年輕人介紹編程和編程概念。編碼塊程序方向和 EL10T 的運動 - 左轉、右轉和前進。 培養重要的邏輯、解決問題、排序和批判性思維技能。 將編碼塊插入控制面板底座並上傳到 EL10T 的頭盔。將頭盔戴在 EL10T 的頭上。你真的把想法放在了 EL10T 的腦海裡! 使用 16 張任務卡開始編碼,引導 EL10T 使用雙面墊地圖探索太陽系或城鎮。畢業後可以在桌面或家中對 EL10T 的動作進行編碼。 包括 16 張任務卡、20 個編碼塊、紙板障礙物、貼紙、編碼面板和編碼機器人 EL10T。適合 3 歲以上。需要 7 節 AA 電池,但不包括在內。 EL10T coding blocks introduce young minds to programming and programming concepts. Coding blocks program directions and EL10T's movement- left turn, right turn and forward. Build important logic, problem solving, sequencing and critical thinking skills. Insert coding blocks into the control panel base and upload into EL10T's helmet. Put the helmet on EL10T's head. You really do put ideas in EL10T's head! Start coding with 16 mission cards that direct EL10T to explore the Solar system or town with the double-sided mat-map. Graduate to coding EL10T's movements on a table top or in your house. Includes 16 Mission cards, 20 Coding Blocks, cardboard obstacles, stickers, Coding Panel and EL10T the Coding Robot. For ages 3+. 7 AA batteries required but not included.

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