Osmo Math Wizard Fantastic Food Trucks (不含底座)



啟發式學習課程:通過動手操作學習如何組合、劃分和識別形狀的屬性,掌握幾何學!實時有針對性的教學技巧可幫助孩子們通過實驗學習和培養技能。自定進度的學習意味著孩子們可以在享受樂趣的同時抽出他們有時間掌握概念。 (無需 使用Wi-Fi 即可玩)。不包括Osmo 底座及iPad,兩者都需同時使用。 神奇的食物和幾何:聯同大廚Reina和她的助手Betty一起創立自己的美食車業務!創建具有幾何形狀的成分並為飢餓的客人準備餐單。您可以通過許多其他方式如:切割、混合、煎炸、上釉、撒上和組合成分,使每道菜都與眾不同。 物理和數字學習:研究表示,主動學習可以提高批判性思維技能、信息保留、動力和人際交往能力。 Osmo 通過結合物理遊戲片段,確保孩子們練習真實世界的空間推理技能、組合、劃分和建造形狀。 盒內物品:1 個遊戲墊、1 個美食車手冊、34 個幾何瓷磚、1 個存儲容器、1 個遊戲應用程序:Osmo Math Wizard。 *兼容 iPad:除第 1、2、3 代之外的所有 iPad。所需的最低 iOS 版本是 iOS 10。 * iPad Air 4、iPad Pro 11 英寸和 iPad Pro 12.9 英寸iPad 需另外購買反射器 2021版。 *反射器需另外購買。


Osmo Math Wizard And Fantastic Food Truck

Build your Math Skills! Join Chef Reina and her assistant Betty as they start their own food truck business! Create ingredients with geometric shapes and prepare orders for hungry customers. You can cut, blend, fry, glaze, sprinkle, and combine ingredients in many other ways to make each dish special.


  • 1 Playmat
  • 1 Food Truck Manual
  • 34 Geometric Tiles
  • 1 storage container


product features

  • Curriculum-Based Learning: Master Geometry By Learning How To Compose, Partition And Identify The Attributes Of Shapes Through Hands-On Play! Real-Time Targeted Teaching Tips Help Kids Learn Through Experimentation And Build Skills. Self-Paced Learning Means Kids Can Take The Time They Need While Having Fun. (No Wi-Fi Necessary To Play.) Requires An Ipad Plus The Osmo Base For Ipad To Play (Not Included).
  • Fantastic Food & Geometry: Join Chef Reina And Her Assistant Betty As They Start Their Own Food Truck Business! Create Ingredients With Geometric Shapes And Prepare Orders For Hungry Customers. You Can Cut, Blend, Fry, Glaze, Sprinkle, And Combine Ingredients In Many Other Ways To Make Each Dish Special.
  • Physical And Digital Learning: Studies Show That Active Learning Can Boost Critical Thinking Skills, Information Retention, Motivation And Interpersonal Skills. By Incorporating Physical Game Pieces, Osmo Ensures Kids Get Practice With Real World Spatial Reasoning Skills, Composing, Partitioning And Modeling Shapes.
  • Math Grades 1+2: Cater To Your Child’S Math Needs With Osmo.
  • Compatibility For Ipad: Compatible Ipads: All Ipads Except Generation 1, 2, 3. Ipad Reflector 2021 Required For The: Ipad Air 4, Ipad Pro 11-Inch & Ipad Pro 12.9-Inch. The Minimum Ios Version Needed Is Ios 10. Requires The Reflector Adapter, Sold Separately.
  • STEM Maths